last night, we went to the LA premiere of björk's new video for the song wanderlust -and it was short entirely in 3D. personally, i am quite a fan of anything 3D - pop-up books, imax films, and the like (not to mention the awesome 80's style 3D glasses that you can tuck away into your purse and sport as a fashion accessory).

i've even seen "sea monsters of the deep" in 3D, and let me tell you... i never thought i could be so terrified by IMAGES of sea monsters. they looked incredibly real. incrediby frightening.

so can you imagine being immersed in THIS world:

watch the preview (in 2D, sorry) here:


ebay - the new match.com?

we've been having quite an exciting couple of weeks in the e-mail department. cara received a nice letter from cynthia rowley, thanking her for mentioning her bicycle on our blog. then we get this in our inbox:

Hello ladies.
I am SO into your ebay bizz. I think there is no better combo than the Aquarius and Virgo for any ebay purposes
(note: cara is a virgo and i am an aquarius). My aquarian friend and I made nice profits together.

I saw you guys were looking for a place in Silverlake. My brother bought a home 2 years ago in silverlake, he let me get the apartment upstairs. I am real lucky kid.

I would LOVE to meet up sometime for drinks on me. I am a white 25/male. I am looking for brand new friends.

well, judging from the detailed information he knew about us and our lives, i am assuming that he reads this blog. so here's to you, mr. anonymous ebay dater! A/S/L/pic??

aside from that, things have been quiet on our parts. we only have a few things up for sale:

click here to shop!

new auctions will be up over the weekend. and lastly...

so if you are a cute girl living in the southern california area and are interested in being our newest model/muse/kate moss, please send an e-mail to irita@lovelovelove.us with some pictures or a link to your myspace/facebook/flickr. pays $50 per day!

thanks! :)


Rainy Days and Mondays

To state it simply enough, Southern California and its populace can not handle the rain. The moment the clouds start rolling in and the rain droplets just begin to speckle the pavement like some sort of urban Easter egg -- people start freaking out. The freeways become congested in a state of perpetual rush hour and the news channels promptly launch themselves into a "Storm Watch 200_" frenzy (please fill in the blank with the appropriate year).

So. With that said, Los Angeles has been inundated with rain for the past week. This is relatively unheard of, and I can't imagine that I'm the only one who was not adequately prepared for the torrential downpour (I'm not sure whether or not to be embarrassed to admit that I do not even own an umbrella). However, if I were to find myself properly clothed for the current conditions, I imagine I would be skipping through puddles in something like this:

Yes, I skip through puddles.

In heels.

gwen stefani... dita von teese... lovelovelove?

thanks to the sweethearts at http://www.mables.com, where our model and clothing are featured right now... alongside the likes of gwen stefani and dita von teese! (who i happened to meet a couple of weeks ago at the vintage fashion expo in santa monica, by the way).

check it out at: http://50sclothes.mables.com. they've been nice enough to make navigating the vintage-shopping-maze on ebay a whole lot easier!